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David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer

The Girl in the Video

After reading the continuing coverage, the mother-in-law of a woman, married only a few days to her son, came forward to tell the police about how the girl had gone missing for three days. She had come back disheveled and unable to explain herself. They had assumed she was on drugs, so they asked her to leave, which she did. She ended up in Colorado.

The police located her and she was identified as the woman in the videotape who was being tortured and assaulted, seemingly against her will. Her tattoos matched those of the woman. However, she only had fragmented memories of what had happened. She did remember Jesse Ray and being taken to a trailer. Ray had threatened her with a knife, she said, while Jesse restrained her. She was stripped and tied onto a bench in a small room, and she accurately recalled items from the Toy Box; she also remembered being subjected to several types of sexual assault. She was then taken out and dropped off near her in-laws' home, disoriented. She could barely recall what had happened.

Glenda 'Jesse' Ray
Glenda "Jesse" Ray

On April 26, Glenda Jean "Jesse" Ray was arrested and charged with kidnapping women for sexual torture. More charges were added to Ray's, now totaling 37 counts. At Jesse Ray's arraignment, her lawyer, Billy Blackburn, entered a "not guilty" plea. He stated that she "vehemently, adamantly denies" any such involvement with her father, and predicted that many more people would be arrested before the case was over. One newspaper reported that Jesse had told the police thirteen years earlier that her father had abducted and sold women in Mexico, but no victims were identified and apparently there was no record of this report.

Regardless of how many accomplices Ray did or did not have, he was quickly diagnosed by FBI profilers as a criminal sexual sadist.

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