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David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer

The Dungeon Master

Ray described himself on an audiotape found among his effects as a "dungeon master" with an affiliation with the Church of Satan. His sex slaves were not just for his own use, he said, but for all members of his congregation. In other words, the woman forced to listen to this was made to believe she would be repeatedly raped and abused by many others who indulged in some of the most sadistic amusements a human could devise. For every threat Ray made on the tapes, he had an instrument to carry it out—the same approach used by Cameron Hooker, who had kept a sex slave for years in Oregon.

Cameron Hooker
Cameron Hooker

From the victim's account, detectives learned that she had been tied up in such a way to keep her legs open as wide as possible and then subjected to a series of humiliations, as well as shocks from cattle prods and stun guns. She had been forced to submit to the insertion of oversized dildos and placed at times inside a coffin-like box. All the while, Hendy had watched. She had made no move to help. Instead, she had appeared to be enjoying the show. Ray also had photographed some of the things he had done, for his records and probably for later delectation.

FBI team searches Ray's trailer and property
FBI team searches Ray's trailer and

The search team had a huge task ahead, collecting each item and labeling it. The evidence had to be handled carefully and in such a way that none would be thrown out of court. They believed that Ray was a serial offender, possibly a serial killer, and they wanted to be sure to put him away. New Mexico Public Safety Director Darren White told reporters, "This is very disturbing stuff." What he'd seen inside the Toy Box had "literally made my stomach turn." Although authorities were reluctant to give out details, White assured worried residents that the nightmare was behind bars.

Lawyers appointed to both defendants stated that they would enter "not guilty" pleas at the arraignments.

Hungry for further details, reporters fanned out around the area, learning from those who knew Ray that he seemed like a regular guy. No one reported having any trouble with him. He had no criminal record, and there had never been any suspicions about what he might be doing on his property, which he leased from the park service. But the darker hints coming from the police indicated that he was a lot worse than he seemed.

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