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Ricky and Dena

They Drive Away

So as Alumbaugh's deputies and Independence cops watched, Davis and Riley simply drove away in his red GMC pickup truck.

It took two trips before a judge to secure the search warrant. When investigators finally returned to the apartment, they found a stomach-turning videotape, shot in Davis' bed, that showed Marsha Spicer — her eyes covered with duct tape — being raped, beaten and strangled for two full hours at the hands of Davis and Riley.

Spicer, a petite 4-foot-11, was bound at the wrists during much of the attack and was sodomized by both Davis and Riley. The victim apparently was choked repeatedly before the final, fatal strangulation.

"They did the tape because they enjoyed watching it," Jackson County Prosecutor Michael Sanders told reporters. "It was in the machine when we got there. They had been watching it."

Authorities also found a second shocking tape that showed another woman being victimized by the couple.

Police distributed a photo from the video showing the woman in distress, staring wide-eyed and fearful at the camera lens. A vein bulged on her forehead, and her skin color was nearly crimson — as though she had just been choked to near death. 

Michelle Ricci
Michelle Ricci

A woman who saw the photo, Sherry Ballew, identified that victim as her daughter, Michelle Ricci, 36, who had been missing for several weeks. Ballew said her daughter was an acquaintance of Marsha Spicer who also had struggled with a meth problem.

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