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Ricky and Dena

Pick-Up Artist

Richard Davis
Richard Davis

Ricky Davis had emerged from prison as a cocky, self-assured man—a strange attitude for someone who had accomplished so little.

And like a confident man will, he proved capable of asking women for exactly what he wanted — even if what he wanted was violent sex.

By early last spring, Davis and Riley were beginning to forge relationships among the denizens of the grimy underside of metropolitan Kansas City.

A number of women who dabbled in KC's meth and prostitution world later reported that a woman claiming to be Davis' cousin was hustling phone numbers on his behalf. (The cousin may have been Dena Riley.)

In April 2006, a woman named Lorie Dunfield got a phone call from Davis after giving her number to the cousin.

She went to Davis' Truman Road apartment, and he promptly popped in a video recording that showed him having sex with a woman.

Davis then revealed that "he wanted me to ... participate in being a serial killer with him," Dunfield told MSNBC's Rita Cosby. "He wanted me to help him kill women and get rid of the bodies."

Davis excitedly explained that they would suffocate the victims during three-way sex, which they would videotape for future viewing pleasure. Dunfield said she opted "to get the heck out of there."

But Dena Riley didn't.

"Any normal person who believed sadism and rape were abhorrent and who found that her boyfriend was into those things would have been gone," said Dr. Seifert. "She stayed, which tells you something about the sort of person she is."

She said Davis' obsession with violent pornography should have been her first clue.

"An alcoholic can't have a drink or he's off and running again," said Dr. Seifert. "Sex offenders, in my opinion, should not have access to porn, or they can be off and running again."

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