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Joseph Edward Duncan III

Steve Groene's Reaction to Duncan's Newest Deal

Steve Groene
Steve Groene

In Idaho Steve Groene expressed mixed feelings about the plea deal for Duncan.

"I don't know if a lot of people do know that Shasta was the one Duncan confessed [the Martinez murder] to — not only that crime but to the murders of those two young girls [Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias] over in Washington state," Groene told a reporter for KXLY News. "It's just a reminder to us of something we'd much rather forget. I can't imagine trying to put this behind me with Duncan still breathing air. I don't think any of my children can either, and certainly any of the other family members of victims of his crimes."

According to KESQ News, Groene believes a death penalty trial in California would have cost a lot of money without resulting in a different outcome, "even if Duncan would have gotten the death penalty in California."

Groene, battling throat cancer and speaking with the aid of an electronic larynx device, hopes that he lives to witness Duncan's execution.

"I've said it before," Groene said. "I want front row, center seats when they fry this guy. If I don't make it that long, then maybe I'll have better seats than that."

Groene also hopes that any reward money in the Anthony Martinez case goes to his daughter, Shasta, since she provided much of the information to police about Duncan and the other murders he is believed to have committed.

"Obviously she took it to heart when Duncan told her about murdering other kids, and she did her best to remember every detail about everything he told her, and I think for that she needs to be rewarded," he added.


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