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Joseph Edward Duncan III

Duncan's Blog

Joseph Duncan, arrested
Joseph Duncan, arrested

Following Duncan's arrest, it was discovered that he had been keeping an Internet diary of sorts, a web log, commonly referred to as a blog, in which he disturbingly implied that he had left a string of bodies following his release from prison.

"I got out and I got even," wrote Duncan in his blog. "But I did not get caught. So I got even again, and again did not get caught. I got even twice (actually more)."

Duncan also wrote of keeping a second diary, a secret diary written in code that provided more details of his horrible crimes.

"...the world will know who I really was, and what I really did..." he wrote. "...I am scared, alone, and confused, and my reaction is to strike out toward the perceived source of my misery, society. My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die."

Duncan's writings were voluminous, and could easily fill a book. He also had an affinity for dressing in drag, and at one point in his life he posted as series of such photos of himself on the Internet and labeled them, "Jazzi Jet," and is an example of how he apparently views himself.

At the time of this writing, the FBI as well as investigators in at least five states are continuing in their efforts to determine where Duncan might have been at any given time where any unsolved murders or rapes of children were committed. The investigation, while no longer in its infancy, is still continuing and new details will likely emerge as Duncan's case moves toward trial.

Duncan's trial date was originally slated to begin on January 17, 2006. However, according to the November 23, 2005 edition of The Seattle Times, First District Judge Fred Gibler vacated the January date and pushed his trial date back to April 4, 2006, in response to defense attorneys' requests for more time to prepare for trial.


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