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Frances Creighton & Everett Appelgate

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Mary Frances Avery and John Creighton met in Newark and were married a year after John's return from World War 1.

John and Frances Creighton after they were acquitted for the murder of John's younger brother.

Agnes Appelgate, daughter of Everett and Ada Appelgate.

Mary Frances Creighton and Everett Appelgate, both convicted and executed for the murder of Ada Creighton.

Napoleon Bonaparte was found to have arsenic in his system, fuelling conspiracy theories that he was murdered either by a family member of his British captors.

The cover of the Rough on Rats poison used by Creigton to murder Ada Appelgate.

Everett Appelgate under arrest for the murder of his wife.

Painting of Lucretia Borgia who the media likened Frances Creighton to.

Mary Frances Creighton & her attorney in court.

The electric chair at Sing Sing where both Creighton and Appelgate were executed.

Robert Elliot, America's premier executioner.

Everett Appelgate in jail.

Former rooming house.

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