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Glen Rogers, the Cross-Country Killer

Nicole's 'Play-toy'

Spizer indicates that Rogers met the former Mrs. Simpson when he was painting her house, and she invited him inside.  She may have wanted him as a new "toy" because she "was the original party girl."  (That story alone undermines the credibility of the rest, given how easily she could attract wealthy, accomplished men.)  Rogers apparently said he did not know who O.J. Simpson was.

They went to clubs together not long before she died, and there were photos taken of the two of them together the night before (not supplied in this book).  Rogers' brother Clay claimed he'd received a phone call in which Rogers claimed to be with Nicole at that very moment.  He supposedly said, "This lady is loaded and I'm gonna take her down."  He later claimed that they'd been dating but that she'd "dropped" him to go back to O.J. (another unlikely story).  O.J. came over that night and hugged her.  Then Rogers committed the double murder and let O.J. be arrested.

Spizer says a blond strand of hair was found beneath Nicole's body that was not hers and that some DNA found at the scene did not match O.J. or the victims.  (Although the defense team for O.J.'s civil trial did contact Rogers, they apparently never thought to see if the unidentified DNA matched.)  Spizer (and Claude Jr.) suggests that Rogers was with O.J. that night, helping him, although how he came to be a murderous companion of O.J.'s is never explained.

To bolster the argument, they indicate that a psychic told the police that a blond-haired serial killer was Nicole's murderer (but Rogers was not a serial killer until more than a year later, not to mention how unreliable psychic impressions are.) The arguments they offer about time frames work no better in this book than they worked for the defense team, and criminalist Henry Lee's supposed identification of a second shoe print turned out to be a misidentification.

In the end, while the Spizer/Rogers book adds a lot to our knowledge about Glen Rogers, it does not close the case on the Simpson/Goldman murders.

But other cases were about to be closed.


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