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Glen Rogers, the Cross-Country Killer

The Body Count Grows

Logo: America's Most Wanted
Logo: America's Most Wanted

Police in the various jurisdictions quickly swapped information, and the search for Rogers intensified.  "America's Most Wanted," a popular Fox television show dedicated to finding fugitives from the law, agreed to air a broadcast about the case to ask citizens for help.  Rogers' picture was printed in several newspapers and on televised news reports.  Police went into the traveling carnivals that came out of the Tampa area to ask if anyone had seen him, because he was known to find his way to different places to pick up work.  Reported sightings failed to materialize into a significant lead.

By this time, Rogers was back with redheaded Andy Sutton, dancing and drinking in a bar.  She had missed him and was glad to have him back.  Everyone was impressed with how nice Rogers appeared to be, and he certainly treated Andy well.  They went from one bar to another, where Andy was known, before ending up back at her apartment above a Mormon church.  Andy had a roommate, but she was out.  Even when she did come in late that night, she didn't disturb them.  If she had, she might have found Andy's body much earlier.

The following day, Nov. 9, the roommate found Andy stabbed to death on the punctured waterbed.  The weapon had been large, leaving jagged wounds in her chest and a lot of blood, soaked into the blankets and sheets.  Water from the bed had leaked all over the floor.  When the body was transported for autopsy, six more stab wounds were found in her back.  Rogers had apparently been angry.

He'd also been quiet, because he'd managed to accomplish the killing, as well as some petty theft, while the roommate was sleeping on the couch.  She knew that he had been there because her purse was missing.

Rogers was seen that morning, placing items in a white Ford Festiva outside Sutton's home.  The car had belonged to Tina Marie Cribbs.  He left behind the red Datsun pickup that he'd stolen in Mississippi.  Rogers was immediately named as a suspect, wanted in connection with this murder, and Louisiana joined California, Ohio, Florida and Mississippi in an urgent search.  Where he was heading at that moment was anyone's guess, but he was clearly dangerous.


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