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Heather Highlands sign
Heather Highlands sign

George drove approximately four miles from the crime scene at School House Lane to Heather Highlands trailer court in Plains Township.  A former girlfriend, Sharon Mazzillo, along with the couples son Kissamayu Banks, shared a mobile home there with Sharons mother, Alice Mazzillo, her brothers Keith and Angelo Mazzillo, and visiting nephew Scott Mazzillo.  George went to the front door stepping over the various toys and bicycles that lay scattered about the yard.  24-year-old Sharon cautiously greeted him at the door. When she saw the rifle in his hand, she tried to close the door but George forced his way inside.  

AR-15 rifle
AR-15 rifle

Quickly tiring of Sharons resistance, he raised the weapon and fired.  The bullet ripped through her chest and severed the main blood vessel to the heart. Her limp body slumped to the ground.  George stepped over it and entered the house.  He saw five-year-old Kissamayu sleeping on the couch with a blanket pulled over his head.  George walked up to the child, placed the barrel of the gun just inches from the boys forehead and fired a single shot.   

Sharons mother, 47-year-old Alice, had heard the shots and was desperately trying to phone for help.  Her two sons, 10-year-old Angelo and 13-year-old Keith were looking for a place to hide.  Angelo crawled under Alices bed while Keith hid in the closet.  George entered Alices room, walked over to her and strategically placed the barrel of the gun at an angle aiming directly up her nasal passage.  He fired one shot.  The combination of the combustion from the discharge and the exiting bullet caused Alices head to explode, scattering brain matter about the room. 

Scott Mazillo (FilePhoto/Citizens Voice, Wilkes-Barre, PA.)
Scott Mazillo
(FilePhoto/Citizens Voice,
Wilkes-Barre, PA.)

Keith watched in horror through the partly opened closet door as seven-year-old Scott Mazzillo ran into the room and screamed.  When Scott saw the horrible scene in the bedroom, he ran down the hall.  George grabbed him, kicked him to the ground and punched him repeatedly in the back.  When he stopped struggling, George pulled the sobbing boy up by the shoulder, placed the barrel just behind the left ear and fired.  George removed his hand and allowed the lifeless child to fall on the floor.  Satisfied that he had left no survivors, George stood up, walked out the front door and yelled, I killed them all! before fleeing the scene.

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