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Chaos and Confusion

Police were still searching for Banks.  Patrol cars spread out through the city shining lights in back yards and alleyways hoping to catch a glimpse of the dangerous fugitive.  Around 5:30 a.m. George awoke, still wearing his military fatigues, his rifle at his side.  Uncertain what to do, he ran to the home of his mother, Mary Banks Yelland, located at 98 Metcalfe Street.  George was crying and smelled like liquor when his mother opened the door:

Banks: Mom, if you dont take me where I want to go, there will be a shootout here and you will be hurt.
Yelland: George, whats wrong?
Banks: Its all over, Mom. Its all over. I did it.  I killed everyone.
Yelland: Who did you kill, Georgie? Who did you kill?
Banks: I killed them all, Mom. I killed all the kids and girls. Regina, Sharon, them all.
Yelland: Georgie, no!
Banks: Its all over, Mom. Its all over.

Following the conversation with his mother, George sat down at her kitchen table and began writing a crude will leaving her all of his possessions.  Mary Banks Yelland was in a state of shock and decided to phone Georges home in the hopes that what he had confided in her was simply part of his drunken imagination.  Chief County Detective Jim Zardecki answered the phone at School House Lane when it rang.  George grabbed the phone from his mother and identified himself:

Banks: This is George Banks, how are the kids?
Zardecki: They are alive, George
Banks: Youre lying, I know I killed them!

Banks hung up the telephone.  Zardecki had hoped that if George thought the children were still alive, he could keep him on the phone long enough for police to locate him.  He was wrong.  Banks placed three 30-round clips and numerous other rounds of ammunition into a bag and asked his mother to drive him to a friends recently vacated rental house at 24 Monroe Street.  Yelland did as George requested, dropped him off in front of the house and drove away.  When she got home, she was greeted by a phalanx of police and hesitantly told them where she had just taken her son.



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