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The Case of the Seven-Year Sex Slave

Outright Slavery

Eventually Colleen, now referred to in the house as K, was allowed to do household chores such as cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up.  Yet whenever Cameron yelled "Attention!" she was to strip off her clothes, stand on her tiptoes, and reach her hands to the top of the doorway between the living room and dining room.

She wore a slave collar and was supplied with a registration card, supposedly from the slave company.  Cameron would tell her horror stories of things that had happened to slaves who'd disobeyed.  One had her tongue taken out with a soldering gun, he claimed, another pulled limb from limb, and another her fingers torn off.

Then one night, Cameron brought Colleen into the marriage bed.  Janice tried to go along with the sex play, but ultimately she left and went into another room.  That night for the first time, Cameron raped Colleen.  After that he had regular sex with her.

As he began to trust her not to run, Cameron gave her more time in the cramped workshop under the stairs, even allowing her to sleep there.  But her freedom was short-lived.  The Hookers moved into a trailer on a piece of land that provided more privacy, yet space inside was at a premium.  To keep Colleen captive, Cameron designed a ventilated box that would fit under the couples' waterbed.  This realm of near-sensory deprivation was Colleen's new home, and Cameron gave her a bedpan to use for her necessities.

Like a prisoner in maximum security, she was allowed out for an hour each day to brush her teeth, eat, clean her bedpan, and sometimes wash her hair.  Her only other respite was working outside in the yard on days that Cameron had off from work, but he kept an eye on her.  He warned her that the company was always watching and they would find her if she tried to run.  Those neighbors who saw and spoke to her believed she was a live-in babysitter.  At no time did she ask for help.  She was even allowed to go jogging and she always came back.

Whatever the Hookers did on their waterbed, from sex to giving birth to their second daughter, Colleen could hear in her box.  There was no privacy, for her or for Janice.  Cameron called the shots.

Typically, Colleen just quietly did whatever she was asked, but sometimes she would make a mistake.  For that she would be punished with electrical wires that left small scars on her skin.  Eventually, that would work to her advantage.

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