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The Case of the Seven-Year Sex Slave

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Colleen Stan survived a terrible ordeal. She was kept in a box, humiliated and degraded to the point that she was considered brainwashed, and was too fearful to ask for help.

Cameron Hooker is led to the courtroom for another day of trial. He had hoped to get the jury to buy his story of consensual sex, but they convicted him on ten separate counts including kidnapping.

The Hookers moved into this trailer, and Colleen was taken there as well. Officer Shamblin searched the homes where Cameron had kept Colleen against her will, and found evidence consistent with Carol's statements.

When Colleen was kidnapped, and for much of the time while she was held against her will, she was made to wear the head gear and gag, and also the box, which kept her from seeing, hearing, eating, and reduced her capacity to breath.

The box, re-constructed as evidence for the jury to view, the same as the box used to keep Colleen Stan under the bed for seven years.

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