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The Murder of Teresa Halbach

'That's How You Do It'

According to the criminal complaint against Dassey, Steven Avery told his nephew that he had already raped Teresa Halbach and wanted to "keep doing it."  He "encouraged" his nephew to do the same.  Teresa pleaded with Dassey through her tears, begging him not to do it, to let her go, and to get Avery to stop the ordeal, but instead Dassey mounted her and had "sexual intercourse" with her "for approximately five minutes" while his uncle watched.

Steven Avery
Steven Avery

Dassey and Avery then went into the living room and watched television for "10 to 15 minutes."  "That's how you do it," Avery said to his nephew, telling the teenager that he had done a good job and was proud of him.  While the TV played, Avery talked about killing Teresa and burning her body.

Avery went to the kitchen and got a knife with a blade "between six and eight inches long," then he and Dassey went back into the bedroom.  Avery announced to Teresa that he was going to kill her and then stabbed her in the "stomach area."  Avery handed the knife to Dassey and told him to "cut her throat."  Dassey obeyed. 

Avery then told Dassey to cut off some of her hair, and Dassey complied.

After that, "Avery went over to Teresa and put his hands around Halbach's neck and strangled her for approximately two to three minutes."

Avery and Dassey took off the shackles and tied her with rope, then carried her to her car.  They placed her in the trunk and drove her to Avery's garage.    Dassey believed that she was dead by this time, but Avery fetched a .22-caliber rifle and shot Teresa "approximately 10 times."  According to Dassey's confession, Avery shot her one to three times in the left side of the head and then shot her in her midsection.


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