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Robert Pickton: The Vancouver Missing Women


Greene, Trevor. "Bad Date: The Lost Girls of Vancouver's Low Track" (ECW Press, 2001).

Articles from the Vancouver Sun and The Province, 1998-2002.

 Wayne Leng's website on the case:

AP Worldstream (March 10, 2004). "Health officer: human remains may have been in meat from farm of alleged serial killer."

AP Worldstream (March 10, 2004). "Report: Human remains possible in meat."

AP Online (March 11, 2004). "Human remains may be in Canadian meat."

Girad, Daniel (June 29, 2004). "Serial murder suspect's trial delayed again; 10,000 pieces of evidence still to be processed Lawyer Pickton, accused in 15 deaths, faces additional charges." The Toronto Star.

Hugner, Trude (June 28, 2004). "Accused Canadian serial killer may face trial in spring 2005." AP Worldstream.

Toronto Star (March 12, 2004). "'Outrage, anger, disgust' over pig farm meat scare."

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