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Patrick W. Kearney: The Trash Bag Murderers

A Few Close Calls

According to Dennis McDougal, Kearney once had a flat tire during one of his drives to the desert to dispose of a body. When he discovered that the spare was flat, too, he had to call a tow truck to get his car to a service station. Kearney stood by, sweating bullets while the attendant fixed the flat, never questioning the bags in the back seat, which contained arms, legs, a ribcage and some intestines.

Another time, he locked his keys in the car while inspecting possible dump sites. It took him hours to jimmy open the lock with a coat hanger, nervously looking over his shoulder the whole time, freshly filled trash bags again in the back seat.

As soon as the bags were unloaded, though, he felt an enormous sense of relief, accomplishment, and power.

Patrick Kearney being transported to court
Patrick Kearney being transported to court


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