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New Evidence

In August 2002, investigators found new clues during their inquiry into Joanna's murder. They revealed that recently recovered DNA evidence pointed to two men being involved in the rape and murder of Joanna. The BBC News article "Fresh Clues in Joanna Murder Hunt" claimed new documents were found which indicated that police arrested a suspect in connection with Joanna's murder early in the investigation. Yet, he was released because of lack of evidence.

Investigators continued to follow up on the new leads, hoping that it might result in the arrest of her killers. However, a great deal of time passed since her death and the chances of solving the crime significantly decreased over the years. Regardless, Joanna's family and law enforcement officials re-examining the case refused to give up hope.

In April 2004, more new evidence arose concerning the so-called "suicide" of Jambert. According to Alderson and Willsher's article, Corinne Herrmann received access to Jambert's files while she was conducting research into the case of the Burgundy's missing and murdered girls. She became suspicious of his death and believed he might have been murdered. She just had to prove her theory.

Book Cover: Les Disparues D'Auxerre
Book Cover: Les Disparues D'Auxerre

Herrmann, author of Les Disparues D'Auxerre, convinced Jambert's children to exhume their father's body so that another autopsy could be conducted. After several days of examining the remains, the medical investigators made a startling discovery. Alderson and Willsher claimed that Jambert had been shot not once, but twice in the head making it almost impossible for him to have committed suicide.

Herrmann's suspicions were proven correct and she persuaded area magistrates to begin a murder inquiry. It was believed that his murder was directly linked with the investigation on which he was working. Even though investigators interviewed several possible suspects, no one has yet been convicted for the crime.

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