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Melvin Rees -- The Sex Beast

You Are What You Do

Soon, Moser said in the letter, he confronted Rees, asking him directly whether he was involved in the disappearance of the Jackson family and their murders. Rees admitted nothing, but seemed evasive and would not deny it, and it was this behavior that most alarmed Moser. Even though Rees was his friend, he believed he had to do something. Anyone who killed another person should be punished, but he realized that if Rees could so easily slaughter an entire family, he might also kill again - or do something worse. If he were truly seeking intense experiences, he might subject people to unrelenting terror and torture. The idea was appalling.

In the letter, Moser stated that he believed Rees may have been involved in another murder as well - a woman who was killed in 1957. He said that he was a salesman and that he and Rees had been in the area at the time when Margaret Harold was murdered. Given the circumstances and Reess attitudes about killing, Moser urged the police to investigate and directed them to where he believed the itinerant musician might be.

They agreed that the lead was worth pursuing, but they failed to find Rees. He had moved out of his house and had not left a forwarding address. However, the contents of the anonymous note were sufficient for them to check his background. They discovered that he had once dated a woman from the University of Maryland named Wanda Tipton. That rang a bell, so detectives went to the university to ask for yearbooks to see what she had looked like. To their astonishment, she turned out to be a young woman who had been questioned when Ms. Harold was killed. They knew it was time to review the 1957 investigation.

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