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Lonnie David Franklin Jr: The Grim Sleeper

A slice of pizza

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Still, the release of the 911 call didn't appear to yield any new leads.

It was a long shot, but the order for use of familial DNA by Attorney General Brown led to the final break in the case. Familial DNA analysis led to Franklin's son, who proved a partial match to the DNA on the bodies. According to the Los Angeles Times, the police interviewed the son, who fingered his dad, who though the LATimes reported that he'd done time in 93 and 2003 for stolen property and misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon in 1999, had so far eluded authorities.

After trailing Franklin, police got a sample of DNA off a slice of pizza he left at a restaurant, allowing them to link him physically to the evidence left on the victims.

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