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Westley Allan Dodd



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Newspaper articles:

The Oregonian Newspaper, The Columbian, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Numerous articles that pertain to the Dodd case appear in the months November 1989 (arrest); July 1990 (trial); and January 1993 (execution).

Other media resources:

Griffiths, Richard (producer and director). "Murder by Number" (video). Atlanta, GA: CNN.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Homepage (NCMECC):

(This is an excellent site for child safety resources, written for both kids and parents. It features articles on finding babysitters, daycare providers, sporting activities, internet safety, as well as information on books, pamphlets, news and events that help keep children safe from predators. NCMECC also lists state "clearing houses," some of which provide information on registered sex offenders.)

APB: Family, Home, Community Homepage:

(This website contains up-to-date news stories on legislation regarding sex offenders, and other news concerning crimes against children)



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