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William Bonin: The Freeway Killer


Newspaper Articles

L.A. Times

"Will Review Conviction Of Bonin" October 6, 1994.

"Freeway Killer May Finally Face Execution: William Bonin's Final Appeal Is Expected To Be Denied. He Was Convicted In 1982 Of 14 Murders." January 6, 1996.

"Bonin On Death Row". January 16, 1996.

"Freeway Killer: Loses Bid For New Trial." February 16, 1996.

"Bonin On Death Row". January 16, 1996.

"Bonin's Past; Profile: A Look Into The Shaping Of William Bonin's Deeds Begins At His Old Downy Home And Leads Back To A Dark Childhood." February 18, 1996.

"Death penalty Qualms Or No, It's Time For Bonin To Pay". February 20, 1996.

"Freeway Killer: Bonin" February 21, 1996.

"Wilson Denies Bonin's Plea To Halt Execution." February 21, 1996.

"Bonin Executed; Capital Punishment: The Sadistic Slayer Confessed To 21 Murders Of Youths That Gripped Orange And L.A. Counties. He Is The First California Inmate To Die By Lethal Inj." February 23, 1996.

"Social Security Criticized For Paying Bonin." March 6, 1996.

"3-State Audit Shows Only Bonin Got Payments; Social Security: Survey Covered Condemned Inmates In California, Nevada and Arizona. Probe Of Benefits To Freeway Killer Continues". March 8, 1996.

"Dana Parsons; The Mother of All Outrages: Bonin on Social Security." March 13, 1996.

"At Execution, Triple Killer Had No Final Words/ Two Children Of A Victim Witnessed San Quentin Death." May 4, 1996.

"Remains May Solve Boy's 1979 Disappearence." October 9, 1996.

"Remains ID: As O.C. Boy Who Vanished In 1979." October 9, 1996.

"Bonin's Family". October 10, 1996.

"Dead O.C. Boy's Family; Jamie Trotter" October 10, 1996.

Various Articles on the following dates:

February 17, 1996.

February 18, 1996.

February 19, 1996.

February 21, 1996.

February 23, 1996.

March 12, 1996.

October 10, 1996.

San Francisco Chronicle

"Dead Man Waiting." February 20, 1996.

"Ethical Dilemma For Physician At Bonin's Execution." February 20, 1996.

"Clemency Rejected For Bonin" February 21, 1996.

"Freeway Killer" Tries To Call Radio Station. February 22, 1996.

"Put To Death, Bonin Loses Last-Ditch Appeals." February23, 1996.

Various Articles on the following dates:

June 30, 1995.

February 19, 1996.

February 21, 1996.

February 21, 1996.

February 22, 1996.

San Francisco Examiner
Various articles on the following dates:

February 20, 1996.

February 22, 1996.

February 23, 1996.


The following books were used as general reference material in the writing of this article:

Hickey, Eric W.; Serial Murderers and Their Victims; 2nd Ed; Wadsworth; 1997

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