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John Eric Armstrong: The Model Sailor


In the Wayne County Jail, Armstrong is being held in the psychiatric observation unit, where he is under closer than normal scrutiny. In his sole appearance in court, a clearly distraught Armstrong was quiet and contrite. His only comment to the media was a mumbled sorry.

Meanwhile, authorities around the world are tracking down leads, trying to determine if Armstrongs story is true.

They are hampered in many places by poor record keeping or unsophisticated investigations. For his part, Armstrongs attorney doubts that his client has left a string of bodies across the globe.

He is a very distraught and very disturbed young man who has emotional problems that emanated many, many years ago, said the lawyer.

You will see that some of it arises out of his compassion, said attorney Robert Mitchell. Its quite a story. Quite a story.

Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Elizabeth Walker looks at compassion differently.

"I have enough people I have real compassion about five are dead and three got away," she said.

For the friends and family of the victims, there is little solace in knowing that the man accused of these killings is in custody.

Think about all the other sisters and wives, said Kelly Hoods younger sister. Not everyone has a perfect life, but they all had families somewhere.

Im still numb about it, she went on. My sister had a good husband and a good family. She always had a heart of gold.

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