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Anthony John Hardy: The Camden Ripper


BBC News (Dec. 29, 2000). Torso murder woman named.

BBC News (January 5, 2001). Torso murder family appeal.

BBC News (March 2, 2001). Canal body identified as prostitute.

BBC News (December 2002). More human remains found in bags.

BBC News (January 2003). Triple killer targeted fourth victim.

BBC News (January 2003). Body parts police fear more victims.

BBC News (November 2003). Man given life for triple murder.

Bright, Martin & Revill, Jo (January 2003). Secure unit freed body bags suspect. The Observer.

Davenport, Justin & Dougherty, Hugh (November 2003). Danger patient who was free to murder; Health panel ruled against police advice and said Hardy was fit for release. The Evening Standard.

Dougherty, Hugh & Davern, Finian (November 2003). Officials could have stopped the ripper; Coroner and pathologist both failed to identify Hardy a killer. The Evening Standard.

Edwards, Jeff & Mackay, Don (November 2003). Why was Camden ripper freed to kill? The Mirror.

Graham, Bob (September 2003). <a href=" Mother begged murder victim to come back home. The Scotsman.

Gould, Peter (March 1, 2001). Police identify womans dismembered body.

McPherson, Lynn (November 2003). Scot who survived body in bags killer: I can still see his face and I wonder why he let me go. Sunday Mail.

Oldham, Jeanette (January 2003). Fears for Scots woman linked to suspect. The Scotsman.

Olsey, Ruchard (January 2003). Third victim died of natural causes.

Orr, Deborah (November 2003). Why should the life of a prostitute be worthless? The Independent.

Searls, Neil (December 2003). How a police blunder sent me to the rippers lair. The Daily Mirror. The Guardian Unlimited (November 2003). Camden ripper jailed for life.

Wright, Stephen; Taylor, Ben; Graham, Bob; Yaqoob, Tahira & Gill, Charlotte (November 11, 2003). Ripper they left at large; Serial killer butchered two women just weeks after he was released from a mental hospital. The Daily Mail.

Yaqoob, Tahira & Seamark, Michael (January 2003). Third ripper victim; Body in bin is identified as man appears in court. The Daily Mail. 

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