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David Selepe

Another Serial Killer?

On March 6, police revealed that Nelsiwe had not been killed by the same man responsible for the Cleveland murders. Despite the obvious similarities, there were some important differences. What they did not yet realize, however, was that bodies were being found in Atteridgeville, next to Pretoria, with a virtually identical modus operandi to the Cleveland series.

Atteridgeville with Pretoria locator
Atteridgeville with Pretoria locator

A few days later, the office of the Attorney General stated that Col. Eager's investigation into the death of David Selepe had been thorough and that no one would be held accountable. The case would be referred to the magistrates' court in Germiston, to complete the inquest.

In April, when police discovered the fourth body in four months in the veld near the Skurweberg shooting range in Atteridgeville, they revealed to the media that another serial killer might be active. The woman, black and in her twenties, was found semi-nude. Her bra had been used to tie her hands behind her back. Her panties were gone. The previous three bodies were found in similar circumstances.

As the year wore on, the bodies began to pile up. There was at least one body per month, usually more. By June 19, when the inquest into David Selepe's death began, eight women had been found in Atteridgeville. One victim was found in Rosslyn, about 9 miles northwest of Pretoria. Newspapers raised some questions about Selepe's involvement in the Cleveland murders, since the modus operandi in that series and the one in Atteridgeville were so similar. Police spokespeople reiterated that they had forensic evidence linking Selepe to at least six of the Cleveland victims.


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