Eddie Gein - Considered to be a mild-mannered bachelor whose emotional development had been stunted by his domineering mother, he shocked the world when police found his vest of human skin and a cache of body parts. Gein is the model for The Silence of the Lambs' Buffalo Bill and Psycho's Norman Bates.

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This ancient ritualistic practice has disappeared from most cultures, but increasingly survives as a bizarre and poorly understood criminal behavior. Psychologist Rachael Bell looks at the explanations.
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Author Paul Kidd discusses the roots of seminal serial killer movies and how Hollywood has developed the genre. He reviews his top 15 favorites.
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What real-life models did author Thomas Harris use to create this unique serial killer? Is he purely a literary invention, or could someone like him actually be walking the streets right now?
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On December 30, 2006, the complete and partial skulls of nineteen people four women, eleven girls and four boys - were discovered on the property of an upscale home in Nithari, a suburb of New Delhi, precipitating a search for more remains. It was obvious at once that the police were dealing with a serial killer, but investigators would soon learn that they in fact had two suspects, possibly three.
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre
While the many movies in this series are fiction, they are based loosely on a real serial killer that wore a mask of human skin and was a grave robber. The real serial killer, who was also the model for the Hitchcock movie classic Psycho, lived alone in a farmhouse. Inside police found all kinds of body parts, including a box of female genitalia, a heart in a frying pan, a box of cut-off noses, the sawed-off crania from several skulls, death masks peeled off dead females, a skin vest with female breasts and genitals, and a female scalp with black hair. They wondered just how many women he had killed.
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