Hannibal Rising the Movie - Directed by Peter Webber, the film perfectly captures the grime and elegance of post-World War II Europe. As Hannibal the young man (Gaspard Ulliel) and his aunt, Lady Murasaki (Gong Li), dine at a French bistro, you can almost smell the aroma of simmering coq au vin. The opening scenes of Russian soldiers battling Nazis on the grounds of the Lecter family estate are riveting, particularly the standoff between a Soviet tank and a German warplane. The look of the film is tantalizing, but the meat of the story is overdone and not as savory or satisfying as the previous Lecter films.


Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris
The cat is finally out of the bag. In Thomas Harris's Hannibal Rising, the fourth novel to feature Hannibal Lecter, the crème de la crème of modern serial killers, the author at last reveals why Hannibal the Cannibal is the way he is.
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All About Hannibal Lecter: Facts and Fiction
What real-life models did author Thomas Harris use to create this unique serial killer? Is he purely a literary invention, or could someone like him actually be walking the streets right now?
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Ed Gein
Considered to be a mild-mannered bachelor whose emotional development had been stunted by his domineering mother, he shocked the world when police found his vest of human skin and a cache of body parts. Gein is the model for The Silence of the Lambs' Buffalo Bill and Psycho's Norman Bates.
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Serial Killer Movies
Hollywood draws most often from well-known serial killers, mostly American, to fashion their tales of terror and horror. A look at the major movies that have been made about serial killers and ones that are being made now.
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Celluloid Serial Killers
Author Paul Kidd discusses the roots of seminal serial killer movies and how Hollywood has developed the genre. He reviews his top 15 favorites.
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Evil, Part Three: Depraved Indifference
Katherine Ramsland concludes her 3-part series on criminals representing the essence of evil and how they differ from other types of criminals. She also explores why we love Hannibal Lecter and find evil so fascinating.
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