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Ryan Idol
Ryan Idol
Former 90s gay-porn star Ryan Idol (pictured), aka Marc Anthony Donais, was convicted on September 20, 2011, of attempted murder for beating a former girlfriend over the head with a toilet tank lid in December 2009. The victim testified that the Idol Country star came to her residence a few days after she broke up with him for having sex with another man, and said he was going to kill her before attacking, "He just grabbed me like I was nothing, and he picked me up and he threw me into the bathroom ... He came in and he started beating me with his fists. ... When he took the lid off the toilet ... I thought, 'Oh, my God, I'm not going to live.' And I looked down because I didn't want him to smash it on my face, and he smashed it on my head." According to Donais he went to her residence because he thought she was cheating on him and was only acting in self-defense. The sentencing hearing is set for December 9. Donais faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

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