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Truck Nutz
Truck Nutz
A motorist in South Carolina was stopped on Sunday, May 6, 2012, for having an "anatomically correct" object displayed on his rear bumper. Such objects are known by many names: Truck nutz, truck balls, BumperNuts, BumperBalls, or trucksticles, and are not necessarily legal in your state. It would seem that deputies in South Carolina consider them an obscenity. The driver, who was stopped by a Spartanburg County sheriff's deputy, received a warning and removed the display, but was arrested anyway for driving without a license.

The Smoking Gun reported in July 2011 that Virginia Tice was ticketed by Bonneau, South Carolina, police for having a similar display hanging from her 2004 Dodge. Tice received a fine of $445 for displaying an "Obscene Bumper Sticker." As of this writing, her day in court has been delayed three times. No word on when she is next expected to appear.
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