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I Survived a Murderer
Jennifer Asbenson
Jennifer Asbenson
Jennifer Asbenson fell victim to vicious sexual predator and serial killer Andrew Urdiales one morning in 1992, after she accepted a ride from the seemingly harmless stranger. Urdiales had given her a ride the day before, establishing trust and making Asbenson feel safe enough to accept a ride from him again. That morning commute turned into a hellish orgy of brutality. Asbenson was severely beaten, strangled and raped multiple times. She wasn't the first. In his killing career, which spanned more than 10 years, Urdiales tortured, raped, and killed nine women. Asbenson only managed to escape because of her clear thinking and will to survive. After repeatedly being sodomized and beaten, almost to the point of death, Asbenson was bound and locked in the trunk of Urdiales' car. As they were driving, Asbenson managed to rip her hands free from the twine binding her wrists and locate the trunk's emergency release latch. When Urdiales stopped the car to relock the trunk, Asbenson leapt from the vehicle and sprinted toward oncoming traffic, bloody and naked below the waist. Urdiales pursued her with a machete. An oncoming truck with two Marines stopped to assist Asbenson, but by the time they turned their attention to her attacker, he was gone. Urdiales continued his spree for another 4 years.
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