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Hazed and Accused
Delta Sigma Theta
Delta Sigma Theta
April 16, 2009: Seirra Smith (pictured), a student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga turned herself in to police after warrants for her arrest were issued. Smith, along with four other members of UTC's chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, was accused by sorority hopeful Jasmine Johnson of brutal hazing that caused her grave bodily injury, including genital bleeding, extreme stomach pains and a concussion. According to a report given by Johnson, Smith, 22, allegedly punched her in the head while other DST sisters poured ice water on her and sprayed vinegar in her eyes. On a separate occasion during the initiation period, Johnson said, Smith and others broke eggs over her and covered her with chocolate syrup before punching and kicking her in the stomach. Before a March 24th induction into the sorority, Johnson said she was struck repeatedly with a wooden paddle that left the Greek letter "Delta" imprinted on her legs and knuckles. Having made it through her ordeal, Johnson called her mother, who took her battered daughter to the hospital and contacted the Chattanooga police, who began an investigation into the allegations. The UTC Dean of Students ordered the sorority to suspend all activities and prohibited any sorority members from having contact with those undergoing the membership process. Delta Sigma Theta, with over 950 chapters worldwide, prides itself on its initiatives to promote physical and mental health among women.
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