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Murder Within the Walls


This article was written using court records, notes and transcripts of the Donna Payant murder trial that was held from January 1983 through April 1983 in Dutchess County Court, New York; personal interviews with Dr. Neal Riesner, Chief of Forensic Dentistry for Westchester County; transcripts from the New York State Court of Appeals: PEOPLE v SMITH (59 NY2d 156) and PEOPLE v SMITH (63 NY2d 41); official police reports and also the following:

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February 1, 1983, "Guards Can't Recall Victim's Last Day",

February 3, 1983, "Smith, Payant Entered Office, Inmate Testifies",

February 4, 1983, "Attorney Tiffs Detour Smith Murder Trial Friday",

February 7, 1983, "Smith Banged on Door at Murder Scene",

February 10, 2003, Guard Admits He Was a Suspect in Prison Murder of Mrs. Payant",

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