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'I Don't Want to Die'

'I Don't Want to Die'

Outside View of Sizzlers
Outside View of Sizzlers

Mark Hamilton got out of the taxi at 7 Graham Road in Sea Point. It would still be dark for some time on this Monday morning of January 20, 2003. He walked toward the house, also known as Sizzlers, and found it strange that the security gate stood ajar. Usually, it was locked and one had to ring the bell for service. Although it looked like a normal house, Sizzlers was a gay massage parlor, and the owner was concerned with safety.

Bedroom where masseurs slept
Bedroom where masseurs slept
Mark stepped inside. The door on his leftthe room where the masseurs sleptwas open, and he saw four men lying on their stomachs on the floor. He followed the corridor, past the owners bedroom, and saw a knife lying on a coffee table. For some reason, he picked it up.

The next door on the left was one of the massage rooms, or studios as the masseurs referred to them. A man was lying on the floor, his hands and ankles bound.

Blood. There was a lot of blood, seemingly everywhere.

Mark retreated, replaced the knife and ran to the nearest source of helpa Total gas station not far away. It seemed incredibly fortuitous that a police vehicle was arriving at the same time. Mark ran to the officers, imploring them to come with him to the house. While the officer was explaining that they had to attend to the present situation, Mark heard the scream.

I dont want to die!

It came from a young man on his knees. Mark saw that the man had duct tape on his neck like the men at Sizzlers. He was also streaked with blood. Mark told the officers that he knew where the man had come from, and that there were more bodies.

He led the officers to the house. Sgt. Ismail Jacobs went in first. Mark did not want to re-enter the house, but the officers requested him to follow.

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