"Forced to Kill Mrs. Morse"

Crump and Baker then decided to head north, over the border and into Queensland. They stopped at hotels and garages along the way and bought beer and gas with the $30 they had stolen from the Morse homestead. They drove mainly at night to avoid detection. During the approximate 120-mile journey Morse sobbed and pleaded for her life while Crump and Baker took turns raping her.

During a police interview, Baker said of the experience, "We took her gag off and she kept on saying, 'What's going to happen to me? My children will be home form school and waiting for me now. I love my children. Please let me go home.' I just told her to shut up."

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Crump and Baker pulled up at a clearing just short of the Queensland border. Here they "staked out" Morse with tow ropes tied to trees. Each man raped her again. Prosecutors then alleged that the two men took Morse on into Queensland, where they stopped by the Weir River. To a hushed courtroom the prosecutor read the last minutes of Virginia Morse's life from Allan Baker's statement:

"She wasn't tied to the tree, her hands were tied in front of her with handkerchiefs, she wasn't crying because I think she was beyond that, she'd been crying most of the time she was gagged and blindfolded. I aimed at her with the .308 and Kevin [Crump] had the .222 and it was going to be like a firing squad and Kevin pulled the trigger and she fell to the ground before I could pull the trigger of my gun. If he hadn't of shot her, I would because we both decided to kill her because we done those terrible things to her and she would have been able to identify me because I used to work for her husband and I knew if she reported me we would be in a lot of trouble and she just had to be shot."

As he did with the Lamb murder, Crump tried to evade responsibility for Morse's murder in his police statement. "I was forced to kill Mrs. Morse by Baker, because he wanted me to be in as deep as him. He said he was going to kill me if I didn't. I admit that I was prepared to kidnap Mrs. Morse and even to sleep with her, but once again, as with Mr. Lamb, I did not want to be a part of her death...It was a choice of either me or Mrs. Morse."

Crime reporter Joe Morris recalled the court's reaction to the detailed firsthand accounts of the last minutes of Virginia Morse's life: "There was a stunned silence. Women were sobbing and Mr. Brian Morse sat there with his head in his hands. Crump and Baker were smirking at each other. They thought that it was a great joke.

"What the court didn't hear, as the evidence was suppressed as it was considered to be too shocking, was that Mrs. Morse had tree branches inserted into her vagina and a beer bottle inserted into her anus. And it was also kept from public hearing that Crump and Baker were also alleged to have admitted to having sex with her corpse after she was dead."

1. Rational Minds Gone Astray

2. A New Life of Crime

3. A Human Shield

4. "Forced to Kill Mrs. Morse"

5. Capture, Trial & Sentence

6. Aftermath

7. The Author

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