Paul B. Kidd

Paul B. Kidd is a Sydney-based photo-journalist, magazine editor, broadcaster, author and “60 Minutes” researching producer who specialises in true crime, big game fishing, humour and adventure.

In a 30 year writing career Paul’s articles, profiles, interviews and photographs have appeared in most major publications and outdoors magazines in Australia and numerous publications worldwide.

Paul has written three television series and is the author of seven books, five in his own name. He is a recognised authority on Australia’s serial killers and criminals who have been incarcerated for life, never to be released.

Paul’s best-selling true crime books are;

Never To Be Released; Australia’s Most Vicious Murderers, Never To Be Released; Volume Two and Australia’s Serial Killers; The Definitive History of Serial Multicide in Australia which was 10 years in the researching and covers all of the 27 cases of serial murder in Australia from 1822 to 1993.



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