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The Allentown Massacres


Each year Jeffrey Howorth, the other boy who had murdered his parents, is re-evaluated to determine if he can bee freed, but at this writing, he remains in the high-security Norristown hospital. In 2004, Judge Ford indicated to the Morning Call that "Howorth continues to suffer from severe mental illness." His psychiatrist at Norristown states that Howorth has made little progress in understanding the nature of his crime or what he must do to be released. "It's like there's a vacuousness there," she had stated in 2001, "an emotional shell." A therapist who works with him told reporters that Howorth suffers from "stunted growth" in his cognitive processing skills, especially at emotional levels. He's been given some responsibilities, which he performs well, but he likes violent movies and still fails to understand what he did. He receives medications, group therapy, and intensive counseling in anger management skills, with the hope that one day he can be returned to society.


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