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Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen


Writing the Dr. Crippen story provided me with a wonderful opportunity to combine two of my fondest loves: the Whodunit and Turn-of-the-Century London, the latter of which I have been amassing data for years, compiling it into an unpublished manuscript aimed some day (alas!) for publication. Rare indeed is a tale that blends all ingredients of the perfect murder mystery with all the elements of a Britain gone to memory. Needless to say, I jumped into the project with relish and came out of it wanting to know more than I could fit into this particular story. Who knows, Crippen and his lovely Ethel Le Neve a woman I've fallen in love with these last couple of weeks will probably head a chapter in my great historical text called "Let's Tryst Again Like We Did Last Summer."

Helping me to recreate for you the days of Crippen, Ethel, Belle and Inspector Dew, I turned to the following sources.


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Website: Holloway (London North) Metropolitan Police


Lyrics: "Sweet Little Buttercup" from HMS Pinafore by William S. Gilbert & Sir Arthur Sullivan.


Lyrics: "Love Me, and the World is Mine" by Dave Reed, Jr. and Ernest R. Ball.




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