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Trojan Horse: Inside the ATF Raid at Waco, Texas

Taking the Roof

Todd McKeehan, agent
Todd McKeehan, agent

Special Agent Todd McKeehan, a Desert Storm Marine combat veteran, took one round in the chest. The bullet sliced through his "bulletproof" vest and tore open his heart. He dropped to the roof, dead.

The third agent, Dave Millen, scampered over the peak of the roof to the east slope, where he joined Special Agent Conway LeBleu. The two agents fired up at a gunman who rained shots down onto the chapel from a four-story tower. Erected in the center of the building, the tower loomed over the entire compound like an ancient castle keep.

At the east window — the arms room — Agent Glen Jordan smashed out the glass with a metal prybar. ATF supervisor Bill Buford, an Army Special Forces Vietnam veteran, tossed a flashbang distraction device, a sort of super firecracker, into the room and then crawled through the busted window with Keith Constantino and Glen Jordan following him.

When Dave Millen tried to enter behind the three agents, a hail of bullets ripped through the window, striking his Kevlar helmet and the flashlight strapped just over his shoulder. The two hits knocked him flat on his back. With gunfire punching holes through the shingles from the chapel below, Millen scrambled to the edge of the roof and slid down the ladder.

Conway LeBleu, agent
Conway LeBleu, agent

Conway LeBleu stood alone on top of the chapel. Trojan Horse was to be his last SRT assignment. He was leaving the team to dedicate all of his time to ATF's other primary investigative effort — arson investigation. LeBleu blasted at gunmen in the tower with his shotgun until a Davidian bullet struck his left temple and killed him.

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