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The Butcher

There was no sign of forced entry, so the investigators assumed that the victims had either known their killer or that he'd watched them long enough to know about the rear door.  When detectives checked incident reports for the night, they learned that a man garbed in black named Jack Owen Spillman III had been arrested at 2:00 that morning not far from the crime scene, on the suspicion of burglary.  A search of the area turned up a bloody knife, and the blood was matched to one of the victims.  They also found a witness who had seen the truck near the crime scene at 11:30. 

Jack Owen Spillman III
Jack Owen Spillman III

Although Spillman had been released from custody, since they had nothing on him, they watched him while they looked into his background.  They noted a record for rape and burglary, along with attempted rape, and he was suspected in the disappearance of the daughter of a woman he'd been living with; the girl was still missing. 

While under surveillance, Spillman tossed out an item that, when retrieved, turned out to be a blood-soaked ski mask.  The blood would match one of the victims.  There was a blood stain near an opening in this mask, as if he'd put his mouth to a wound.  (It was later learned that he'd drank Amanda's blood.)

More questioning of people in the area turned up reports that Spillman had been seen in the vicinity of Amanda's activities.  He was arrested, and his car and residence were searched.  More evidence in the form of blood, hair, and fibers turned up to implicate him, and he had no alibi.  Spillman was employed as a butcher, according to news report, which explained why the wounds had been so precise and skillful.

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