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Courtesy of the Museum of the Albemarle
Nell Cropsey was also known as Beautiful Nell. Nell came out on her porch to visit with her boyfriend, and never came back inside. A psychic pointed to Nell's boyfriend as the murderer.

Courtesy of the Museum of the Albemarle
Jim Wilcox was Nell Cropsey's boyfriend. Wilcox was convicted for her murder, and later released. He committed suicide after supposedly telling his story to a newspaper editor, who died suddenly in an accident.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), considered the most documented psychic of all time. Photo used by permission <a href=''></a>
Edgar Cayce is considered the most documented psychic of all time. He introduced the idea of akashic records, which is a giant recorded library of all the events of a person's life, located in the "ether."

<a href=''>Betty Muench</a>
Betty Muench consulted on Kaitlyn Arquette's murder. Arquette's mother later claimed that Muench's information on the case was accurate.

Dorothy Allison reportedly predicted the murders of two teenaged girls before they occurred, relating to the Paul Bernardo/Karen Homolka case. Police had requested her aid in locating missing persons, her specialty.

Wayne Williams was arrested in connection with the Atlanta Child Murders case. After his arrest, the murders ceased, but a psychic in Dallas, Texas believed that Williams was innocent and that the killing stopped for other reasons.

John List calmly killed his entire family, and disappeared. In 1985, a Detective assigned to the cold case sought out a psychic, and produced some remarkable results that were, in retrospect, surprisingly accurate.

<a href=''>James Randi Educational Foundation</a>
James Randi is a skeptic. He started the James Randi Educational Foundation, and has challenged all psychics to prove their powers under controlled conditions. He offers one million dollars for conclusive proof of psychic power.

Peter Hurkos was called in to aid police in the capture of a serial killer in Michigan. He was also involved in the Boston Strangler case, and tried to provide another suspect, when Albert DeSalvo confessed. Hurkos maintained that the police had the wrong man, and in recent years evidence supports that there was more than one person involved.

Courtesy of<a href=''>Noreen Renier</a>
Noreen Renier was asked for her help in the Arquette murder case as well. She used psychomety, taking a possession of the victim like an earring, and visualizing the victim's surroundings.

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