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Henry Louis Wallace


North Carolina StateGovernment Services (various records)

Court Proceedings "State of North Carolina vs. Henry Wallace"

  • Initial Charges, 1994
  • Appeals Review of Crimes, 2000

Statement of Confession Taped March 12-13, 1994

Social Profile of Henry Wallace prepared by Carmeta V. Albarus, M.S.W, C.S.W., for Isabel Scott Day, Defender District 25, Charlotte, NC


Michaud, Stephen G. & Hazelwood, Roy The Evil That Men Do. NY: St. Martin's Press, 1998.

Associated Press
Atlantic Journal and Constitution
Charlotte Observer
Charlotte Post
Fayetteville (NC) Observer
New York Times
Washington Post

Time magazine, April 4, 1994 (Vol. 143, No. 14). Article: "Dances With Werewolves" by Anastasia Toufexis


Phone interview with Charisse Coston, Professor-Criminology and Criminal Justice, North Carolina University, September 7, 2000.

Clarifications on case history with Homicide Investigator Gary McFadden, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, September 21, 2000.


African American Internetwork: "Black Population Statistics Per American City"

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crime Statistics (Years 1993/1994): Federal Bureau of Investigation North Carolina Uniform Crime (UCR) Program stats

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library System Archives Newspaper Libray

"Charlotte's Web": The Community of Charlotte-Mecklenburg "Fact Sheet"

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