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Richard Speck, Born to Raise Hell

Cora's Story
Part I

Cora heard four knocks on the door. Opening it, she saw Speck, very tall, dressed in black, standing in the doorway, a small revolver in his hand. The bedroom light illuminated his blond hair. Cora stared at the gun. Speck pushed her back. "Where are your companions?" Speck asked and grabbed her arm.

Merlita Garguilo
Merlita Garguilo

By that time, Merlita had gotten out of bed. Speck walked both women down the hall to the large bedroom in the back. Flicking on the light, he saw three women sleeping. Cora, Merlita, and Valentina hid in a closet, frightened. Then, when one of the women knocked on the closet door and assured her roommates the man would not harm them, they came out.

Speck pointed the gun at Nina and Pat, while holding Pamela around the waist. He switched off the light and made the women sit in a semi-circle, their backs to the window. Speck sat facing them smiling, his long legs and slow Texas drawl made him seem like a buddy, someone close to their age. "I want some money. I'm going to New Orleans." Each asked permission to get their purses and gave Speck all their money.

After a while, Gloria Davy came home from a date with her boyfriend. She staggered up the stairs, somewhat drunk, and opened the door to the bedroom. She screamed a low guttural scream when she saw Speck with a gun. Gloria joined the circle. Speck got up, tore a sheet from one of the bunk beds and began cutting them up into strips. One by one, he tied each woman's hands and feet.


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