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Richard Speck, Born to Raise Hell

Back From the Dead

Speck at age 49 just before his death
Speck at age 49 just before his death

On May 1996, Bill Curtis, news anchor at CBS in Chicago, received a videotape. The video, shot in Statesville Correctional Institute, showed a bizarre, boastful Speck with women's breasts—obviously from some hormone treatment—wearing blue silk panties and having sex with an inmate. Before the sexual exploit, he casually tells an off camera interviewer about the murders.

When asked why he killed the women he said, "It just wasn't their night." He was asked how he felt about the killings, "Like I always feel. Had no feelings." He added he did not feel sorry. Throughout the video, he ingested and smoked drugs with bravado. At one point he said, "If they only knew how much fun I was having, they'd turn me loose." He described in detail how it felt to strangle someone "'s not like TV.... It takes over three minutes and you have to have a lot of strength."

John Schmale, the brother of one of the murdered nurses, said, "It was a very painful experience watching him tell about how he killed my sister...."

Even after death Richard Speck proved he was born to raise hell.


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