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Danny Rolling, the Gainesville Ripper

Humphrey Cleared

The weeks leading up to Rolling's indictment had been a time of continual harassment of the Hlavatys and Humphreys by the media.  Edward had still not been cleared of any suspicions against him and speculation that he and Rolling had worked together in the murders continued to abound.  During the course of the grand jury hearing the Hlavatys and Humphreys remained barricaded in their home, vainly attempting to avoid reporters who remained camped outside of their home.  The last straw came for Elna when a reporter ran up to the house, pounded on the front door and demanded that she answer his questions.  Angry, she went outside to confront him.  In the midst of their heated argument, Elna suddenly turned pale and began gasping for breath.  Moments later she died of a massive coronary.

Two days later the Humphreys attended their grandmother's funeral.  During the wake they were informed that the grand jury had indicted Danny Rolling on five counts of murder, three counts of sexual battery and three counts of armed burglary in the Gainesville case.  Ed Humphrey had not been named in the indictment; his innocence, which his grandmother had fought so hard to uphold, was finally recognized.


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