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Moses Sithole

A New Serial Killer

The next day, the body of a boy was discovered close to where Letta Ndlangamandla had been found. It was later learned that the boys name was Sibusiso. He was Lettas 2-year-old son, and was found 65 feet from his mothers body. Letta had left earlier in April to meet a man in Pretoria North about a job offer. Having no one to leave Sibusiso with, she took him along. The pathologist was unable to determine the boys manner of deathalthough there was an injury to his headnor whether mother or child had been the first to die. It was possible that Sibusiso died of exposure, which seems much worse: Imagine this little boy walking around the field, staying near his mothers corpse because he was only 2 years old and didnt know what else to do.

On May 13, 29-year-old Esther Moshibudi Mainetjas body was found in a corn field near Hercules in Pretoria West. Her lower body was nude and she had been strangled with clothing. She had last been seen the previous evening as she left a café for home.

The next body was found exactly one month later, although five women had gone missing in the interval. Francina Nomsa Sithebe, age 25, was found sitting against a tree on June 13. Although she was wearing a dress, closer examination revealed that her panties and handbag strap had been tied around her neck and then around the tree.

Three days later, on June 16, Elizabeth Granny Mathetsas naked body was discovered in Rosslyn, an industrial area about 9 miles to the northwest of Pretoria. She was 19 years old, and had last been seen alive on May 25.

On June 22, a body was found in Rosherville, raped and strangled. This womans identity document was found nearby. She was 30-year-old Ernestina Mohadi Mosebo.

Two days later, on June 24, Nikiwe Dikos body was found in Atteridgeville. She had been missing since April 7, when she went to meet someone about an employment opportunity. Wild dogs had gotten to her, and her body lay in pieces. Her hands had been tied together with her panties. Police only managed to find her skull the following day, 130 feet from her torso. Her pantyhose had been tied around her neck and wound so tightly with a stick that bone fragments were embedded in the material. A stick had also been shoved into her vagina. Her wedding ring was still on her finger, and was identified by her husband.


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