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Davis at San Quentin

Davis during his confession
Davis during his confession

Most of Davis' time is spent in his cell where he eats his meals alone. "He is allowed to exercise with up to 65 other Death Row inmates that we have determined to be compatible with him," Crittendon continues. "By compatible with him, we mean that we believe he will not attack anyone in that yard and they do not have any reason to attack him."

When in Grade A, Davis can watch television or listen to the radio. The state does not supply TVs or radios but allows them in that cellblock if Death Row inmates purchase them with their own money as Davis has done. Grade A prisoners also have access to books and magazines. "There is a pocket library," Crittendon explains. "It's a portable library used inside the units to provide them with access to a variety of reading materials." There is also a law library for inmates in Grade A that they may sign up to visit and to which they must be escorted by guards.

Vernell Crittendon makes statements to media
Vernell Crittendon makes statements to media

Davis is known to enjoy painting and woodworking and many of his productions may be viewed on the website provided for him by the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty. However, he does not have access to the supplies he needs to make art in Grade B.

The child murderer is able to purchase from the commissary whether he is in Grade A or B although the supplies are more limited in the latter. "He has money on his trust account sent in by loved ones and friends," Crittendon says. Although widely hated, he is not completely isolated. "He gets visits from his legal team," Crittendon comments. "He gets visits from a few supporters, many of whom he met after he got on Death Row and who support him on a spiritual or emotional level."


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