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John E. Robinson, Sr.: The Slavemaster


Associated Press

October 16, 2003, Robinson admits five killings in Missouri, Bill Draper

January 22, 2003 Families: Robinson's death sentence does not end pain, John Milburn

November 2, 2002, Kansas jury recommends death penalty in barrel bodies case, John Milburn

November 2, 2002, Robinson maintained facade of man who had done no wrong, John Milburn

October 21, 2002, Robinson's brother to testify as trial starts third week.

October 11, 2002, At murder trial, wife says she still loves Robinson, John Milburn

July 28, 2000, Man accused in barrel bodies case faces sixth murder charge, John Milburn

June 17, 2000, Mail center owner claims Robinson picked up checks for women

June 10, 2000, S&M sex, possible money woes linked to suburban murder mystery, John Milburn

June 8, 2000, Authorities work to identify victims, John Milburn

Berger P; Berner W; Bolterauer J; Gutierrez K; Berger K. Sadistic personality disorder in sex offenders: relationship to antisocial personality disorder and sexual sadism. Journal of Personality Disorders, 1999 Summer; 13 (2): 175-86

Daily News (New York), June 9, 2000,   Harrowing Tale Of S&M Escape. Helen Kennedy and Corky Siemaszko

Douglas, John, Anyone You Want Me to Be : A True Story of Sex and Death on the Internet.

New York: Scribner (2003).

Ernulf K E, Innala S M, Sexual bondage: a review and unobtrusive investigation. Archives of Sexual Behavior 1995 Dec; 24 (6): 631-54

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The HalifaxDaily News (Nova Scotia), June 15, 2003, Dartmouth woman helped put away Internet serial killer, Chris Lambie

Holt S E; Meloy J R; Strack S. Sadism and psychopathy in violent and sexually violent offenders., Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law 1999; 27 (1): 23-32

The Independent (London), June 8, 2000,   Trailer Park 'Slavemaster' Is Accused Of Luring Murder Victims Via Internet, David Usborne

The Kansas City Star

October 18, 2003, Robinson Plea Called Difficult And Draining, Joe Robertson

October 17, 2003, Robinson Enters Plea Of Guilty, Joe Robertson

January 26, 2003, 'Fortunate Twist' Pointed Police Toward Robinson, Tony Rizzo

November 3, 2002, Robinson Deserves To Die, Jury Decides Tony Rizzo

November 1, 2002, Robinson Described As Loving Family Man, Tony Rizzo

October 30, 2002, Robinson Guilty In 3 Murders, Tony Rizzo

October 29, 2002, Robinson Jury Weighs Case Evidence, Tony Rizzo

October 25, 2002, Robinson's Defense Is Under Way; Prosecution Called About 100 Witnesses, Tony Rizzo

October 18, 2002, Blood Spots From Victim Were Found; Robinson Rented Apartment For Her, Tony Rizzo; Diane Carroll

September 15, 2002, Jury Selection To Begin In Long-Awaited Case, Tony Rizzo

August 23, 2002, Mothers' Ties To Robinson Led To Arrest, Richard Espinoza

February 8, 2001, Testimony traces ties of Robinson, women, Tony Rizzo; Stacy Downs

February 6, 2001, Robinson hearing opens; five witnesses testify Victim's mother recalls disappearance, Tony Rizzo; Richard Espinoza

July 15, 2000, Last of bodies found in barrels identified, Diane Carroll; Tanyanika Samuels

June 18, 2000, Women and money link murder case, Rick Montgomery;

June 11, 2000, Who is John E. Robinson Sr.? Rick Montgomery; Mark Morris; Diane Carroll

June 10, 2000, Prison worker missing since '94 knew Robinson, Scott Canon; Tanyanika Samuels

The MirrorJune 8, 2000, Net Chat Room Killer Lured Five Women To Their Deaths, Andy Lines

Murphy, Carolyn; Vess James, Subtypes of psychopathy: proposed differences between narcissistic, borderline, sadistic, and antisocial psychopaths. Psychiatric Quarterly 2003 Spring; 74 (1): 11-29

NBC News Transcripts, Dateline NBC (10:00 PM ET) - NBC, July 16, 2001 Mysterious case involving several missing women, Rob Stafford; Cynthia Gunn

The New YorkPost, June 8, 2000,   Police Eyeing Cybersex Slay Suspect In '80s 'Missing' Cases, William Neuman

Santtila, Pekka; Sandnabba, N Kenneth; Alison Laurence; Nordling Niklas, Investigating the Underlying Structure in Sadomasochistically Oriented Behavior. Archives of Sexual Behavior 2002 Apr; 31 (2): 185-96

Time Magazine, June 19, 2000,   The Bodies in the Barrels; Police in Kansas go after a financial con man suspected of murderous prowling on the Internet, David E. Thigpen

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