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Green River Killer: River of Death

Photo Gallery

Detective Dave Reichert

Sheriff Dave Reichert, a more recent photo

Major Richard Kraske

Criminal Profiler, John Douglas

Dr. Robert Keppel, Criminal Investigator

Ted Bundy, notorious serial killer who contributed information to the Green River investigation.

Captain James Pompey, headed the Green River Task Force later in the investigation.

Gary Leon Ridgway, charged with the murder of four of the Green River victims after DNA testing.

Gary Leon Ridgway, awaiting trial for the murders of four of the Green River victims.

Agisheff & Abernathy, victims

Antosh & Authorlee, victims

Avent & Bello, victims

Bonner & Brockman, victims

Bush & Buttram, victims

Chapman & Childers, victims

Christensen & Coffiel, victims

Gabbart & Hinds, victims

Loworn & Malvar, victims

Mareero & Matthews, victims

McGinness & Meehan, victims

Milligan & Mills, victims

Naon & Nelson, victims

Osborn & Pitsor, victims

Plager & Rois, victims

Sherrill & Alma Smith, victims

Thomson & Ware, victims

West & Williams, victims

Yates, victim

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