John Wayne Glover: The Granny Killer

Not Your Average Serial Killer

But John Wayne Glover was the least likely person you would suspect to be a serial killer. He was as inconspicuous as he was evil. A big friendly man in his late 50s, he was the backbone of middle-class society and the type of guy you could leave in charge of your kids or ask to keep an eye on your house while you are away.

Married with two daughters, Glover and his loved ones lived a contented lifestyle in their comfortable family home in the fashionable harbourside Sydney suburb of Mosman on Sydney Harbour. But it was mainly in these tranquil surroundings that he would bash and kill his victims.

And as if to enhance this tragic deception of normalcy, Glover was a volunteer charity worker with the Senior Citizens Society and listed among his friends a former mayor of Mosman with whom he would often have a drink at his favourite watering hole, the Mosman Returned Serviceman's Leagues Club. But Glover's real charity was himself. He would spend the proceeds of his muggings and murders on gambling and drink.

To add to his image of the regular middle-aged man, Glover held down a job as a sales representative with the Four 'n' Twenty pie company. His warm handshake and jolly smile endeared new acquaintances to him immediately. He was a walking advertisement for his product. The type of bloke that it was nice to be around.

But beneath that jovial exterior lurked one of the most twisted serial killers in the sad history of Australian crime: a vicious murderer who preyed on frail old women.

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