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Gerald Eugene Stano

Macabre Revelations

Crow knew Stano was lying and decided to change the subject. "Gerald, what are you upset about?" he asked. Stano leaned forward and looked directly into Crow's eyes. "Today's 'the day you got me day,'" he said.  "Today's the day my parents adopted me."  According to police reports, Stano began to talk about his childhood and his relationship with his parents.  After awhile Crow brought the subject back around to Mary Carol Miller.  Stano changed his earlier statement about dropping her off on Atlantic Avenue and said that he drove her around a while and eventually stopped at a local supermarket to purchase beer. 

"She just sat in the car while you got some beers?"


"Are you sure you didn't try to get in her pants, Gerald?"


"You wanted to get a little bit and she didn't?   Is that right?"

"Yeah, goddamn it!"

"She didn't want to give it to you?"

"No, she didn't!"

"She could hit pretty hard couldn't she, Gerald?"

"You're goddamn right she could!"

"So what did you do?   Did you hit her?  You got pretty mad, didn't you?"

"Goddamn right I did.   I got so goddamn mad, I stabbed her as hard as I could!"

"… Tell me how you stabbed her."

"Well, I carry this knife under the seat.   So I pulled it out and I just hit her as hard as I could."

"What did you do then, Gerald?"

"I stabbed her several times in the chest. She opened the door and tried to get out, but I cut her on the leg and pulled her back in.  I shut the door, she fell forward and hit her head against the dashboard and started gurgling.  I stabbed her a couple more times in the back, because she was messing up my car.  She just went limp.  So I took her –"

"Don't tell me anymore," Crow interrupted.  "Let's go in the car.  You'll direct, I'll drive."


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