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Driven to Kill

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They veered off the trail at one point and, following Dodd's instructions; the boys laid their bikes down just off the edge of the path where they couldn't easily be seen. Dodd led them several yards up a hill into the trees and bushes, out of sight of the trail in case someone walked or rode by. He then commanded the boys to stand back-to-backBilly kept quiet, but Cole kept asking "Why?" at every commandand tied their wrists together tightly, effectively binding the two brothers together with one of the ten-inch shoelaces. Satisfied that neither could get loose, Dodd commanded both of the boys to face him. He then knelt in front of them.

"One of you has to let me pull down your pants," said Dodd as his breathing became more rapid. He noticed that Cole was wearing shorts and Billy was wearing blue jeans.

"Him," said Billy as he looked toward his older brother. Billy, now distraught, began to make whining sounds and was on the verge of tears.

"Why?" asked Cole.

Dodd responded that he wanted to perform oral sex on him.

"Will it hurt?" asked Cole, not fully comprehending what Dodd wanted to do to him.

"No," Dodd replied.

"Okay," said Cole, afraid but wanting to please the man so that he wouldn't hurt him or his brother.

Dodd had been hoping to have Billy since he was younger. And besides, Dodd thought that he was "prettier" than his brother. But he feared that if he forced the issue with Billy, the boy might scream or begin crying louder than the whimpering that he was now doing, and that could spoil everything. So he settled for Cole.

Dodd, now turned on, pushed Cole's button-down shirt up so that he could slide his fingers into the waist of Cole's shorts and underpants, after which he pulled them down to his knees and began to fondle him. Still not satisfied, he performed sex on the boy.

"Why are you doing this to us?" asked Cole.

"Because I have to do it," said Dodd. "I'll let you go in a little bit."

Dodd repeated the process of performing oral sex on Billy, and found himself wanting to do it longer with Billy than he had done with Cole. But as shame and guilt feelings set in as a direct result of the deviant acts being committed against them, Billy and Cole became agitated and even more afraid. Dodd finally stopped, and looked up at Billy.

"I want you to do that to me," Dodd instructed the child. But Billy started crying again, and Dodd was compelled to turn back to Cole.

"You have to do something else," Dodd told Cole.


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